Transformers rolling onto DVD October 16th

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Well, there goes 20 bucks. On October 16, Transformers arrives on DVD, and multiple versions will hit retailers simultaneously. In addition to the single-disc release, a two-disc, extras-laden Special Edition and an even more special 2-disc HD-DVD Special Edition will go on sale.

In addition to director’s commentary from Michael Bay (Bay’s always entertaining in this regard), the second disc will be loaded with behind-the-scenes stuff, including a casting backgrounder, a doc on how the Bay worked with Hasbro to, ahem, transform the toy line into a live-action feature film, a piece on the military training the actors underwent to prepare for their roles and much more. We have a feeling that you won’t be the least bit surprised to learn that theres also an informercial featurette on Bay’s collaboration with Chevy and the GM design team as well.

Suffice to say, we’ll be stopping at the local Wal-Get Circuit Buy Mart on the way home from work on 10/16. Maybe we should take the next day off, too. Follow the jump for the full specs on the release.

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