Volkswagen considers U.S. production, new strategy

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Volkswagen of America is in the process of reinventing itself here in the U.S. in an effort to regain market share, while simultaneously trying to stem the losses caused by fluctuating exchange rates. As reported before, the first major step the automaker is taking here in the States is to relocate its corporate headquarters from Detroit to Herndon, Va. The move, according to VW, places the automaker in a good location to understand consumer’s taste, while providing the company a fresh start. The move is scheduled to begin sometime in April, with completion by the end of 2008, and will result in the loss of some 400 jobs in Michigan.

Also under consideration is the possibility of making more vehicles here in the U.S., specifically tailored for the market. Production of models that take aim at the Corolla’s and Accord’s of the world is part of the strategy, along with new small-sized ‘utes that will benefit from environmentally-focused powertrains (ahem, diesels?).

You can read Volkswagen’s full press release after the jump and check out Michelle Krebs’ article over at AutoObserver by clicking the “Read” link below.

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