Chrysler nabs another exec, this time from GM

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Chrysler proved once again that it will spare no expense to draw leading figures in the industry to man the helm of the it’s turnaround. Today, Chrysler LLC announced that it’s hired a 32-year veteran of General Motors and executive veep of GM’s Chinese joint venture with SAIC Motor Corp., Phil Murtaugh, as the man to lead Chrysler’s Asian operations. Murtaugh will take control on October 1 and stands to bring a wealth of knowledge from his 15-months of stewardship at one of China’s leading automakers.

Chrysler’s new owners, Cerebus Capital Management, are all too aware that expanding markets, like China, are the backbone of any automaker’s future. The move to hire Murtaugh is yet another decisive action, following the recent announcement that Toyota’s Jim Press would be joining senior management, showing that Chrysler has every intention of thriving in the following years.

[Source: Chrysler LLC]


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