Frankfurt Preview: Opel Flextreme concept leaks onto the web

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The Opel Flextreme concept is GM’s European answer to the Chevy Volt, and it’s destined to be one of the stars of this year’s very green-tinged Frankfurt Motor Show. The vehicle’s name was leaked in a Financial Times article published on August 31. This breach (likely inadvertent) was subsequently reported by the enthusiast site This evening several photos and some information on the concept were published online, which we’ll happily share.

The Flextreme sports a Euro-friendly hatchback/crossover-style body as opposed to Volt’s US-targeted sedan duds, which gives it a handy storage nook for a pair of Segways. The Segways, incidentally, are charged by the car’s onboard electrical system. It’s also got a glass panoramic roof, rear suicide doors, and rearview cameras in lieu of traditional mirrors.

Under the skin, the Flextreme and Volt are largely the same save for the engine supplying power to the generator that drives the wheels and charges the battery. The Flextreme utilizes a 1.3-liter Ecotec turbodiesel instead of the 1-liter 3-cylinder turbo E85/flex-fuel unit featured in the Volt. Like the Chevy, the Flextreme uses a lithium-ion battery pack and a front-mounted electric motor. Battery-only range on a full charge is 40 miles. When battery power has been exhausted, the diesel will kick in to supply the power that will recharge it. It’s a PHEV, so it can be charged by being plugged into an electrical outlet, too.

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Gallery: Opel Flextreme Concept


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