Officially Official: Porsche Cayenne GTS

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Looks like the rumor we posted yesterday is true. Porsche will indeed unveil the Cayenne GTS at Frankfurt next week. Positioned between the Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo, the GTS is the first Cayenne to be equipped with the active suspension (PASM) combined with steel springs — a configuration that, until now, was reserved for the automaker’s sports cars. Its sits 24 mm lower than the S and its V8 gets a 20 hp bump to 405 horsepower. Visually, the GTS wears the same front and rear fascias as the Cayenne Turbo. It’s also outfitted with 21-inch wheels and there are two new colors exclusive to it: >GTS Red and Nordic Gold Metallic. A six-speed manual is standard equipment, with Tiptronic S optionally available. Look for the Cayenne GTS in showrooms in February 2008. US buyers should set aside >$69,300 if they’d like to park one in their driveways.

Porsche’s press release is included after the jump.

[Source: Porsche via Autoblog Spanish]

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