Toyota finds replacement for Jim Press already

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It hasn’t taken Toyota long to recover from yesterday’s shock announcement that its North Americas chief Jim Press was planning to leave the fold for Chrysler. Press will be leaving the company he’s worked at for 37 years on the 14th of this month. Stepping in to fill his spot is the current vice president of Toyota North America, Shigeru Hayakawa.

The decision to appoint Hayakawa is not just a knee-jerk reaction to yesterday’s shock. Hayakawa is by no means just a fill-in. Like Press, he too has worked at Toyota for more than three decades and has served under Chrysler’s new VP for the past year.

Hayakawa started out in the overseas department of Toyota’s public affairs division and began at its North American headquarters in New York back in 1994. It’s not known where his new office will be (Toyota also has offices in Washington) but it’s likely he’ll remain in New York.

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