VIDEO: Ford fools people into telling the truth

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A lot of air has escaped Ford’s balloon, and it’s launching a new advertising campaign to spread the word about its lineup. Instead of some gimmicky pitchman like Honda’s dreadful and annoyingly drawn “Mr. Opportunity,” or the mustachioed Dr. Z of the company formerly known as DaimlerChrysler, Ford’s using the endorsements of regular folks to shill their wares. Testimonials carry weight, and Ford wanted to get unvarnished opinions without interfering. A fake market research firm was set up to act as a go-between and collect reactions from people who traded in for a week the car they’d just bought for a new Ford vehicle. Needless to say, the commercials are enthusiastic endorsements of Dearborn’s offerings.

Alan Mulally reportedly took a lead role in getting Ford’s new “Swap My Ride” campaign underway, and has kept an eye on Ford’s advertising since arriving. It’s not enough to whip the actual product into shape, but customers have to be made aware that the automaker’s been making an effort. Sure, much of the magic of thirty-second spots is made in editing, but as I sit here watching one of the spots, they’re well done (not that I’d expect anything less from powerhouse agency JWT), and Ford’s current lineup is strong enough to warrant a look. Hey, a ruse is no worse than that Lexus narrator guy who sounds addled on quaaludes, or Land Rover’s breathy Taiko drum extravaganzas.

Hit the jump for the press release and watch the campaign’s launch spot

[Source: NYTimes]

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