Autoblog Project Edsel: Paint and Body

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It’s been an exciting start, mainly because I get to dig out all my old model building tools and skills. That’s also why it’s been a little slow since the initial post went up, because I’ve had to find all those model building tools. The last model I built was a ’67 Belvidere GTX over ten years ago and 100 miles from here. I haven’t been able to find my X-Acto knife set, but I’ve made do so far with my home-improvement scarred Stanley 99E razor knife.

I’ve had an airbrush for years, my uncle generously got it as a gift way back when I was seriously into fine arts. I haven’t actually taken the opportunity to use the setup, but it was always comforting knowing that I had it at the ready should I want to become one of those guys in malls doing terrible recreations of scenes from Scarface on t-shirts. The time has come for me to learn how to use it, so I’ve been doing a bit of research, and finally stopped at a hobby store the other day and picked up some paints and other goodies.

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