Detroit Grand Prix 2007 Wrap: IRL Behind the scenes

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Marco Andretti’s crew swapping gears, click for more

During the Detroit Grand Prix weekend, we got a backstage tour of the IRL paddock area and learned about some of what goes on. The tour kicked off in the tech inspection area, where every car has to go before and after each on-track session. As the cars are rolled up the ramps to the inspection platform an inspector actually lies on the floor under the ramps to check out the bottom of the car. They look for anything that should be there that isn’t, things that are there that shouldn’t and signs of damage.

Once the car is on the platform, it sits on four scales that check to see whether the car meets the minimum weight. At this point, ground clearances and wing heights and positions can be checked. Once that’s done, the scales are actually lowered and inspectors verify that the car’s floor is flat where it should be. Only after a car has passed the tech inspection is it allowed on track.

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