Officially Official: Opel Flextreme Concept – 40g/km of CO2 and two Segways in the trunk!

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Click to enlarge the Opel Flextreme E-Flex concept

We all got a premature look at the Opel’s rendition of the GM’s E-Flex platform over the weekend, but now we can reveal more details about the new Opel Flextreme concept. The third car uses a 1.3L common rail diesel engine as its range extender. Unlike the four door coupe/sedan styling of the Volt, this one has a mono-box layout with side-opening gullwing-style hatches over the rear cargo area.

The Flextreme has picked up styling cues from GTC concept coupe that debuted last March in Geneva, including the scalloped door panels and rear quarter shoulders. Aside from the styling, another unique feature of the Flextreme is the special cargo hold in the back that comes loaded with two Segway scooters. To ensure that the Segways are always ready to go, the compartment is equipped with charging points for the scooters.

General Motors has now done computer simulations of E-Flex running the European test cycle (ECE R101) that’s used to determine fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The Flextreme scored a CO2 emissions rating of 40g/km which puts it at less than half of the best current production car the Smart ForTwo CDi which scores 88g/km. For more on the Flextreme differences from the Volt and the current state of development, check out AutoblogGreen.

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Gallery: Opel Flextreme Concept

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