E85-swilling Heico Sportiv Volvo S80 High Performance

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With SEMA right around the corner, it’s high time Autoblog is flooded by audacious performance tuners’ creations showing more bling than 50 Cent. The German aftermarket gurus at Heico Sportiv passed up plenty of sweet German hardware in favor of the Swedish Volvo S80, and the end result is far cooler than anything you can pick up at Ikea. Heico foregoes Yamaha-sourced V8 in favor of the turbocharged inline six, whose power has been pumped to 350 HP running on biofuel E85. With that kind of power in tow, the Heico Sportiv Volvo S80 will hit 60 MPH in about 5.8 seconds, and more power is promised out of the tuned powerplant by the time SEMA begins.

Some of the more impressive mods come in the styling department, and the beautiful paint job sets the tone. Designers employed seven layers of paint to make the car look metallic, and we’d say, “mission accomplished.” The S80’s stance is widened with the use of larger rims and tires and flared-out wheel arches. Auto-running integrated LED headlights, larger air ducts, integrated spoiler flaps, and sweet leather seats round out the major mods. Heico has made one heck of a beautiful tuner in its modified S80, and we’ll be at SEMA for the official unveiling. Hit the jump to read Volvo’s press release, or click on the image above to view Autoblog Green’s high resolution photo gallery.

[Source: Autoblog Green]

Gallery: SEMA S80 Heico

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