Frankfurt 2007: BMW X6 revealed

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Click the image above for over 60 high-res images from the live unveiling.

At the reveal of its X6 Concept, BMW gave the all-too-common explanation that while just a concept, the X6 could be produced. Swap “could be” with “will be” and you’ve got the truth of the matter. The X6 is on a fast track to production and the “concept” you see here is close to final form. Of course, the most talked about feature of the X6 is its raked roof that begins plunging after the B-pillar until it meets the rear deck lid. Compared to other CUVs, rear seat headroom and cargo space is obviously compromised, but BMW is betting that form will be more important than function to an X6 customer.

On hand, BMW showed the standard X6, along with its EffiecientDynamics sibling that gets power from a hybrid drivetrain. BMW assured us that, after seven-years of development, the EfficientDynamics system will be available on every model the automaker makes.

Gallery: BMW X6 – Live from Frankfurt

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