Frankfurt 2007: Hyundai i-Blue isn’t blue, it’s green

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Click the pics above for a gallery of high-res images of the Hyundai i-Blue Concept.

Hyundai, like practically every other automaker in Frankfurt, is showing off its green-wares. The i-Blue is the poster-child for the automaker’s environmentally focused future, with a 100 kW motor powered by a fuel cell. Developed by Hyundai’s Design and Technical Center in Chiba, Japan, the i-Blue’s platform shares the concept’s name, and will likely underpin future D-segment crossovers with a 2+2 seating arrangement.

The styling is certainly futuristic, with expansive front fenders, a dramatic fascia, heavily sculpted sides and a rear spoiler that culminates in a sharp point and houses a reversing camera. Inside, it’s all flowing shapes, all the time, with plenty of space for its occupants and technology that only Data could wrap his head around.

All the details are available in Hyundai’s press release after the jump, and we’ve assembled a gallery of live and press pics for your viewing pleasure.

Gallery: Hyundai i-Blue Concept

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