Frankfurt 2007: MINI Clubman debuts in a club, man

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With the DJ dutifully spinning his vinyl, the Clubman finally had its coming out party, and what a party it was. The full range of standard, S, and D were all on hand to show off that new stretched shape with its right-hand suicide door and funky barn-door cargo ports out back. We’ve discussed this vehicle a lot and although some of the details seem less than purely functional, you have to expect that in a car that is all about image. We’re sure it will still uphold the MINI reputation for excellent driving dynamics, but the looks just seem a bit fussy for some reason, leading some to question whether or not it will still be a true drivers car like its shorter brother. And yet the idea of a human sized back seat in a MINI seems very attractive. While there was some concern that making a big MINI would ruin the whole thing, we have to say that this rolling oxymoron looks quite compact in person still. We’ll reserve judgment until we can get one for an extended drive, but it looks like this new “big” MINI still gets a spot on the party A-List for now.

Some stats from the press release are after the jump.

[Source: MINI]

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