Frankfurt 2007: VW gets it up!

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UPDATE: Press release added after the jump.

Click the image above for more live high-res pics.

Some may compare it to the Beetle, but in the end, it looks like a restyled Golf that’s been left in the dryer for one cycle too long. The rear-engine, three-door, four-seat city car from Volkswagen, dubbed the up!, aims to be the V-dub equivalent of the smart, with a small footprint (3,450mm long and 1,620mm wide) and inoffensive styling.

It’s a strange dichotomy of sorts, with the 50-year old rear-engine drivetrain mated to a host of 21st century technology that allows on-the-go urbanites the right balance of size and cargo space. All the seats, except the driver’s, fold down and can be removed, and once out they can be stored in the frunk (front-trunk) or in the rear cargo area. Naturally, drivers get climate control, sat-nav, and an on-board computer, along with a secondary screen for the co-pilot.

We’ll have more details as soon as we get VW’s official press release, but for the time being, you can check the gallery below for two dozen of live shots.

Gallery: VW up!

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