Frankfurt 2007: Mercedes C-Class wagon arrives in BLUETEC Hybrid form

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Mercedes, so far, has had the biggest stage production of any manufacturer here in Frankfurt. It was so big they needed to construct their own building next to the existing exhibit halls to house it. The three-story structure was filled to capacity as the company debuted something like 193 new models in the 20 minute show. Okay, maybe it was a dozen or so. Using dancers in some very creative ways, they managed to convey the idea of man and nature working together for a clean green future to start things off. For the debut of the new models, they were particularly keen on looking green, so the dancers helped create an illusion involving nature. Taking the form of trees and forest spirits (What was this, an anime film? -Ed.), the dancers somehow managed to turn their tree limb props into the shape of a vehicle and enclose all 12 of themselves inside of it just as Dr. Z drove out in a Bluetech sedan. After a bit of talk, the sedan went away and when it was time for the wagon (did Dr. Z call it a Model T? Probably T-Model, on second thought), it too was green. This time a C300 BLUETEC hybrid.

More info and Mercedes’ full press release after the jump.

[Source: Mercedes-Benz]

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