Frankfurt 2007: New John Cooper Works car is most Challenging MINI ever

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MINI quietly parked the hottest Cooper ever in front of its booth here in Frankfurt, letting everyone just discover it on their own. It’s pretty hard to miss, though. As we told you when the info dropped last week, this new John Cooper Works CHALLENGE is a race-ready hatch with some serious changes to the engine and suspension that add up to a weekend track car for all intents and purposes. Things like new pistons, a reworked turbocharger, new intake and exhaust plumbing, a reprogrammed engine management system, race suspension, and new four-piston brakes hidden behind Dunlop-shod Borbet wheels are just some of the upgrades to make the Cooper race ready.

The CHALLENGE also features a John Cooper Works aero kit with an adjustable rear spoiler, a rear diffuser, and a new front spoiler. The full roll cage inside is a pretty big tip-off that this car means business. It’s welded into the car, right behind the upgraded Recaro buckets with six-point harnesses and HANS device. Like we said, it’s basically a track car pre-made for racing teams participating in the regional MINI Challenge Series races. You don’t HAVE to participate in the series to buy one, so just pony up the €49,900 including VAT and wait until March when the cars will be delivered. If you’re a privateer you’ll have to wait until next June.

Follow the jump for MINI’s full press release.

[Source: MINI]

Gallery: MINI John Cooper Works Challenge car

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