Frankfurt 2007: Carlsson Aigner CK65 Eau Rouge

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Click the image above for more shots of the Carlsson Aigner CK65 Eau Rouge.

Random Benz tunage? Frankfurt’s got more than you can shake a schnitzel at. But the only reason we snapped off a few shots of this particular CK was because of its two-tone hue, even though it is a subtle rip on the Veyron. Only after we got back and started going through some of our overlooked photos did we realized that this particular M-B was something a bit more special.

The Carlsson Aigner CK65 Eau Rouge is the product of a collaborative effort between the German tuning house and Etienne Aigner, a high-end leather purveyor. As you can imagine, the interior appointments are luxurious to a fault, with acres of dyed dead cow, Alcantara and wood lining every conceivable surface. What lies beneath though is far more compelling.

A turbocharged V12, aided by everything from new intercoolers to some heavy ECU tuning, produces over 700 HP and 800 lb.-ft. of torque, making the CL capable of a blast to 60 in 3.9 seconds. Ultra-light aluminum wheels, sized 21×9-inches in front and 21×10.5-inches in the rear, are wrapped in Dunlop SP Sport Maxx ZR 21 tires, reducing unsprung mass by a full 50-percent at all four corners.

There are more mods than we can mention, so Carlsson’s press release is posted after the jump. And you can check out a gallery of live and press pics below.

Gallery: Carlsson Aigner CK65 Eau Rouge

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