Bob Lutz on US Ute: “Odds are it will happen.”

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A few weeks ago we wrote about an email exchange between “Maximum” Bob Lutz and a GM Inside News forum member by the name of MonaroSS. In the exchange, Lutz claimed he and his colleagues were behind a move to bring the Australian-built Holden Ute to the U.S., but that “it won’t be a Cheverolet.” Never one to leave a quote like that hanging, Mike Levine from cornered “Maximum” Bob in California and asked if he could expound upon the status of a Stateside Ute, to which Lutz replied, “Odds are it will happen,” and “We’d love to do it.” Sounds promising.

In reference to his line that a Ute sold in the U.S. would not be badged a Chevrolet, Mr. Lutz added, “The Chevy product portfolio is too full to add this to it. We’d do it as either a Pontiac or GMC.” Most have assumed a U.S.-spec Ute would be badged a Pontiac since from the A-pillar forward it would be identical to the forthcoming Pontiac G8 sedan, but Bob thinks a revival of the GMC Caballero might be cool, too.


Gallery: Holden VE Ute

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