MTM unveils Bentley Continental GTC Birkin Edition

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German tuning house MTM is creator of the schnellest Audi RTT and the sickness-on-wheels RS4 K540. It follows up those two acts with a tastefully-tuned Bentley called the GTC Birkin Edition. (Sir Henry Ralph Stanley “Tim” Birkin, 3rd Baronet, was one of the original Bentley Boys of the 1920’s.) It is wonderful to see a tuner take an already beautiful car and forgo visually mad modification for jet black understatement.

In fact, the only exterior mod, other than the 21″ Bimoto wheels, is the rear apron and staggered pipes. Frankly, we like those better than the elliptical versions on the standard car. The real fettling has taken place on the engine and suspension. Two kits are available, one that ups the HP from 560 to 635, with a jump in torque to 575 lb-ft. The second kit raises that again to 650 HP and 585 lb-ft. The German oomph will get you to 62 in 4.2 seconds, a 0.6-second improvement over the “basic” Bentley GTC.

MTM has also added a proprietary, stainless steel exhaust that includes a center and end muffler with throttle control. To top it off, the suspension’s been lowered, which always helps even the baddest Bentley boy look that little bit badder. Click through the jump to read the full press release, and check out the gallery of hi-res images below.

[Source: 4 Wheels]

Gallery: MTM Bentley GTC Birkin Edition

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