TechArt offers up aero kit for ’08 Porsche Cayenne

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Well, ’08 Porsche Cayenne owners hankering for that TechArt Magnum look can now achieve their goal, thanks to the newly-released TechArt SUV package, which gives non-turbo Cayennes a suite of body mods providing a Magnum-ish look, but none of the 620-horsepower punch. If you have a Cayenne Turbo, TechArt can make the power thing happen for you as well (with or without the aero kit, presumably). They’re also more than happy to trick out your interior and modify your Cayenne’s active suspension (on trucks so equipped) to drop the lowest ride height an additional 30 mm. It’s all business as usual at TechArt, where the only real constraint is the size of your child’s college fund.

[Source: Techart]

Gallery: Techart SUV kit for 2008 Porsche Cayenne

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