Executive Shuffle: Cisco Codina retires from Ford

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Chrysler isn’t the only carmaker in Detroit invigorating its management team. Ford, too, is undergoing a management shakeup and has announced today the promotion of two key staff and the retirement of another. Ford’s Asia Pacific and Africa division gets a new executive vice president in the form of 59 year old John Parker, while Ford itself is getting a new executive vice president with the appointment of 57 year old Mike Bannister.

Walking out the door after 30 years as Ford’s North American Marketing Sales and Service chief is Francisco Codina, whose replacement is still being sought by CEO Alan Mullaly. During his tenure at Ford, Codina has worked as the Blue Oval’s general marketing manager, president of its Argentina team and a number of other marketing roles.

With Chrysler pinching several key members from Toyota’s management team, including legendary US boss Jim Press, and now Ford promoting several key members within its own team of exec, it’s time to start the rumor mill on GM.

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