Ford proposes intelligent active safety system

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After driving the same route to and from work every day shouldn’t your car know every bump in the road? Every curve? Every blind intersection and speed trap? Ford agrees, and is working with several partners to develop an automotive system that uses navigation and GPS systems to learn the dangers of oft-driven roads.

Ford of Europe recently presented its ideas to the PReVENT group. Ford envisions a car that learns where danger lurks and helps the driver avoid it. Once the car knows where you swerve or slow down, it would anticipate those moves and, if you didn’t act quickly enough, would take action without your input. Or if there is a particularly bad curve in your route, refocus the headlights seconds before you reach it to make the turn safer.

Ford admits in its press release (in full after the jump) the technology has a long way to go before showing up on a Monroney, but it has already begun trying to anticipate legal hurdles like how quickly and to what extent the system would step in.

The PReVENT project is part of the European Union’s Intelligent Car Initiative that’s working toward safer, less-polluting cars and its partners include DaimlerChrysler, Audi, BMW, Renault, Volvo, Volkswagen and numerous suppliers and technology companies.

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