2008 Saleen S331 adds SuperCrew, drops NA engine

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A while back we had a chance to sample Saleen’s take on the Sport Truck phenomenon, the Saleen S331 SC Sport Truck. After driving both the supercharged and normally aspirated versions, we predicted that the SC would sway the bulk of buyers. Turns out we were right, and for 2008, Saleen has dropped the NA version of the S331 all together. Interested Saleen truck buyers will still have some options, however, as the S331 lineup’s been expanded to include a new four-door SuperCrew version of the truck. The new S331 SuperCrew was just shown at a Texas State Fair preview. A fitting place to debut the new larger truck, with its full four doors. After all, everything is bigger in Texas, as they say.

There’s a full press release after the jump and a pair of larger pics in the gallery, but essentially the 2008 models are the same as the ’07s, with the exception of the exhaust system. While the side pipes are still available on the shorter SuperCab model, the standard exhaust for that truck and the new SuperCrew is a rear exit setup. Both models still feature the 450 HP, supercharged V8 and the bespoke Saleen RaceCraft suspension that make this one thoroughly enjoyable truck to drive. Considering the fact that you can still tow up to 9,500 lbs. (with a payload capacity of up to 1,890 lbs.), that starting price of $54,200 seems downright reasonable.

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Gallery: 2008 Saleen S331 SuperCrew

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