REPORT: “Buy American” still sways shoppers

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The J. D. Power Escaped Shopper Study examines why customers look at one model of car, but ultimately buy another. The result: when it came to choosing a domestic or an import vehicle, shoppers chose one or the other for different reasons.

According to J.D. Power, almost 80% of new-vehicle buyers limit their considerations to only domestic or only imported cars. (A recent Wall Street Journal piece on Detroit’s perception gap said 54% of buyers are “import intenders,” who only consider foreign cars.) Buyers who chose American generally did so because they simply didn’t want to buy an import, with price — the lack of incentives, say — being a secondary consideration. Import buyers cited issues with interiors, reliabibility, gas mileage, and resale value as reasons for not buying domestic.

[Source: J. D. Power]

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