RHD HUMMER H3 arrives in UK, don’t open until Christmas

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The first right-hand-drive HUMMER H3 has been delivered to Britain, and it arrived at the parking lot of a Toys R Us in its own box that reflects the SUV’s “ultimate boy’s toy” reputation. The box stands four meters high and six meters wide and reportedly took three weeks to build. We particularly like the packaging’s verbiage, which proclaims the H3’s 1:1 scale and “real roaring engine sounds”.

The H3 will start at £26,495 in the U.K., and initially its roaring engine sounds will be made by a 3.7L inline five-cylinder engine, though a biofuel and diesel H3 will follow in three years. The only differences we could detect between this Euro-spec HUMMER H3 and the one sold in the States are a couple of additional turn signal indicators on the front fender sides and a bumper extender out back so smaller European hatchbacks don’t slide beneath the H3 in the event of a rear-end collision.

[Source: GM]

Gallery: 2008 HUMMER H3 – right-hand drive

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