Tokyo 2007 Preview: Suzuki Crosscage

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Since we’ve already gone ahead and shown you the Biplane, one of Suzuki’s two new concept bikes set to make their debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, we figured it would only be right to show you the other one. The Suzuki Crosscage has already been featured on AutoblogGreen for its use of a fuel cell from Intelligent Energy and its battery electric propulsion system, so we’ll instead focus on the actual design of the bike here. From the looks of it, the hydrogen tank is carried right at the center of the bike, which should be a boon for safety considering that the hydrogen would be stored at very high pressures. One of the most striking features of this bike has got to be the front fork. Single-sided swingarms are rather common these days on high-performance bikes, but single-sided forks have not yet hit the masses. To stiffen things up where the fork tubes meet, Suzuki appears to have added a strengthening linkage of some sort. While bicyclists may think of the Cannondale Lefty fork when gazing at this design, this fork is likely (and hopefully!) much more robust. While we’re not expecting to see the Biplane make it to production status, the Crosscage as pictured here seems even less likely. Perhaps certain design elements will see the light of day on future production models, but as cool as this concept may be, hydrogen fueling stations around every corner are still a very long way off. Kudos to Suzuki though for being willing to look outside the box when designing these two concept machines.

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