Neiman Marcus “Special Build” Lexus IS-F

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Even though we just turned over our Jessica Alba calendar to October, Lexus is proclaiming that the holiday season is right around the bend. In keeping with tradition, the L-finesse’d automaker is teaming up with Neiman Marcus to offer its own special holiday edition ride to trust fund kids and recent divorcees in the form of the Lexus IS-F “Special Build.”

For those of you in a higher tax bracket and smitten with the new 400 HP sedan, the duo is offering a limited run of 50 IS-F “Special Builds” that come swathed in an Obsidian black paint job, perforated leather seats with white stitching and an “F” logo embossed into the headrests. The steering wheel gets white leather accents and when you’re not up to enjoying the burble from the 5.0-liter V8, you can bask in your favorite Barry Manilow hit album through a Mark Levinson premium surround system with nav and Bluetooth connectivity.

Lexus and Neiman Marcus realizes that deep pockets and driving talent have a tendency to be mutually exclusive, so included for your $68,000 is travel and lodging for buyers to attend a complimentary course from Skip Barber. They’re taking orders beginning at noon on Thursday, October 18th, so get your platinum card ready and kick off the holiday season right.

Top tip Tony!

[Source: Lexus, Neiman Marcus]

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