Australians get 404 hp/398 lb-ft FPV Cobra

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While we wait for Ford to let the SVT gang loose on one of the Oval’s US-market sedans, it’s business as usual in Australia, where the awesome can’t be stopped, and the current-gen FPV Falcon isn’t going away quietly. Today’s evidence: the just-announced FPV Cobra, a limited-edition Boss 302-powered tire incinerator that comes in both sedan and ute form. (Oh, the Boss 302 moniker stands for 302 kilowatts, not cubic inches, btw.) All Cobras are white with blue stripes, and the 5.4L Boss 302 V8 dishes out 404 horses and 398 lb-ft of torque. All that juice is directed aft via a standard 6-speed manual or a ZF 6-speed auto that’s available at no additional cost.

Other baubles include standard leather, spiffy 19″ wheels, Brembos (which can be further upgraded as well), all the expected badging, and in the case of the sedan, FPV’s track-ready R-Spec suspension. Total Cobra production is limited to 500 vehicles, with 4-doors outnumbering utes 400 to 100. Pricing will start at $65,110 AUD for the sedan and $61,200 AUD for the ute. In other news, US customers have the new Focus to look forward to, which looks almost as cool as this Aussie Cobra, assuming you’re wearing a blindfold.

Follow the jump for the official press release. Thanks for the tip, Damien!

[Source: FPV]

Gallery: FPV Cobra Sedan & Ute (AUDM)

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