Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X chosen as course car for Rally Japan

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Mitsubishi has announced that it’s brand new Lancer Evolution X will be used as the course car for the upcoming Japanese round of the FIA World Rally Championship to be held later this month. A course car is the vehicle that runs the rally course before the race to check track conditions. While a standard EVO X could probably do it, Mitsubishi has outfitted this car to the WRC’s Group N specifications. An integrated roll bar has been added, and Ralliart has added special components including a new constant-mesh close ration gear-box, better brakes, and hardier drivetrain and running gear pieces. No word was given on how the suspension was modified, but it certainly looks beefed up. The car is riding high on a set of knobbier tires with mud flaps to keep the debris from scratching the paint. We wish them luck with that. We can also see pins to secure the hood in place and an air scoop on the roof for funneling fresh air into the cabin. Wish as we might, Mitsubishi is not likely to offer a version of the production car that can do what the course car can, but its presence at the Japan Rally will be the first time the new EVO X hits the dirt in public, which should give many an indication of how well it will perform in competition.

[Source: Mitsubishi]

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