VIDEO: Toyota takes Tacoma to World of Warcraft

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Supposedly aired during Sunday’s football programming, this commercial for the Toyota Tacoma takes the little Taco to an uncharted realm for compact pickups. The ad takes place inside the incredibly popular massive multiplayer online game called World of Warcraft. As our friends over at Joystiq point out, the right mount means everything when charging into battle, and one player conjures a Tacoma as his steed, or as he calls it, “Four wheels of FURY!!!”. It’s truly one of the funniest car commercials we’ve seen so far this year, and we’re surprised Toyota didn’t save it for the Super Bowl. Perhaps we’ll see Master Chief bringing the troops to battle in a Tacoma during the big game.

Check out the ad in full after the jump.

[Source: YouTube, Jalopnik, Joystiq]

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