Tokyo 2007 Preview: Nissan Round Box (R.D/B.X) concept

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Click the image above for more high-res pics of the Nissan Round Box.

Sure, the name “Round Box” might be oxymoronic, but Nissan’s take on open-air motoring in the 21st century more than makes up for it’s odd nomenclature. The concept is all about interaction, be it with the surroundings or other occupants, with a “right sized” cabin that allows easy communication inside and “road surface windows” that show the tarmac rolling beneath.

The styling is far from conventional, with its platypus-meets-Zed front clip, deep swage lines and upright rear playing nicely with the pushed out wheels and flared fenders.

We’ll be sure to snap off a ton of photos while we’re in Japan, but in the meantime, check out the gallery below and Nissan’s press release after the jump.

Gallery: Nissan Round Box (R.D/B.X)

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