Tokyo 2007 Preview: Toyota 1/X (pronounced “1/Xth”)

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Toyota will have nine concept vehicles on display at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, some of which we’ve seen before while others, like the 1/X, we haven’t. Toyota points out in its mini press release that the name of this concept is pronounced “1/Xth”, as in the car weighs 1/Xth the weight of similarly sized vehicles. The automaker uses its own Prius as a basis of comparison, and the 1/X weighs about a third of that hybrid, or just 420 kilograms. That’s 926 lbs. people. The feather light weight is made possible by extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic in the vehicle’s frame, which keeps weight down but is apparently strong enough to protect occupants in a crash.

The 1/X also features a green powertrain that combines a flex fuel 500cc engine and plug-in hybrid drive system. The combo-powerplant is located beneath the rear seat and drives the rear wheels. Toyota quotes fuel efficiency that is double of the Prius in a package that’s roughly the same size and seats four.

The design is, well, Japaneriffic, but the idea behind the 1/X and technology contained therein is the real story.

[Source: Toyota]

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