Tokyo 2007 Preview: Toyota one ups the i-Swing with the i-Real

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Remember the Toyota i-Swing concept that debuted at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. Man, we thought that was a weird one. The i-Real, a similar personal mobility transport concept, will soon debut in Tokyo and instantly eclipse the i-Swing in its oddness. In fact, we at first thought the i-Real was a personal mobility toilet, but it turns out the seat doesn’t take deposits. Instead, the i-Real appears to be positioned as a Segway alternative with an adjustable wheelbase. At slow speeds and in crowds the space between the two front wheels and one rear will shrink, thereby increasing maneuverability and lifting the rider up to eye-level with bipedal humans that actually use their functioning limbs. At higher speeds the wheelbase will extend, lowering the vehicle and making it more stable. While no top speed was mentioned, we doubt this thing goes fast enough to do anything more than bruise a shin or two. Nevertheless, it’s also equipped with passive safety gear that will alert the driver to impending collisions, while also keeping pedestrians aware of its presence by emitting lights and sounds. We think Fisher Price offers something similar for the 3-5 crowd.

[Source: Toyota]

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