L.A. Auto Show Robocar: 2057 Nissan OneOne

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The Car: The 2057 Nissan OneOne is billed by the Japanese automaker as a “family pet”. Like Fido goes and fetches the paper, the OneOne can go off and ferry the kids to soccer practice, pick up the groceries and do other chores without the owner’s supervision. It moves around by flexing synthetic muscles in its leg to create a skating motion much like rollerblading. When traveling fast the OneOne hunkers down low to the ground, but can raise itself for better maneuverability in congested areas.

The Future According to Nissan:
Natural selection has chosen the Aibo to survive and thrive at the expense of numerous robot pets that were introduced at the turn of the century. Nissan, known for its love of dogs, has seen that the Aibo evolve into an autonomous robot it can sell as a family pet. Named the OneOne (code for Aibo v11.0), this new human companion comes with synthetic muscles that will scurry it along roadways guided by GPS with your most precious cargo aboard. Kids and adults both love the OneOne because it doesn’t shed or spring a leak on the carpet, it comes when you call and, well… domestic canines went extinct in 2018 from a botched recall of accidentally poisoned Kibbles ‘N Bits, so this is all we’ve got.

Weirdness Factor (1 – I could buy that today, 10 – OMG WTF): 6

Gallery: 2007 LA Design Challenge: 2057 Nissan OneOne

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