Wicked CSS Clan Server and hosting in the UK

As many of you know I’m an avid gamer and have been looking for a good gamehosting/server company for a while. Well… I found one.

So I’ve been looking around for a while trying to find a good hosting company for my counterstrike clan – we’ve been looking for a CSS clan server somewhere in the UK that was cheap and fast and haven’t had much luck until now. After spending a while looking around I found a company called UK3X.

I did a bit of research in to them and it turns out that they’re a UK based company. After playing on their public servers for a bit the whole clan got some really low ping times so we went ahead and ordered a server. We’d been worried about actually sorting out the cost for it but they even let us split the cost between the entire clan rather than paying in one go. This is so awesome – saved us having to get everyone’s money up front which would have been a nightmare to organise.

As well as the counter-strike source gaming server we’ve also taken a web hosting package with them and a teamspeak server – costing us only a few pence each a month in reality so can’t complain… so far our pings have been incredibly low and the support guys have been wicked – much better than any other servers we’ve tried.

Moral of the story is if you’re thinking about web hosting, gaming / clan servers or TS2 servers then you should really check out UK3X – they offer all the big games and pretty much anything else. The support guys were excellent sorting everything out so I’ll certainly be using them again.

If you need a good game host or a good place for your website check out www.uk3x.com

Cheers guys!

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