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L.A. Auto Show Robocar: 2057 Nissan OneOne

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click above image for more views of the 2057 Nissan OneOne

The Car: The 2057 Nissan OneOne is billed by the Japanese automaker as a “family pet”. Like Fido goes and fetches the paper, the OneOne can go off and ferry the kids to soccer practice, pick up the groceries and do other chores without the owner’s supervision. It moves around by flexing synthetic muscles in its leg to create a skating motion much like rollerblading. When traveling fast the OneOne hunkers down low to the ground, but can raise itself for better maneuverability in congested areas.

The Future According to Nissan:
Natural selection has chosen the Aibo to survive and thrive at the expense of numerous robot pets that were introduced at the turn of the century. Nissan, known for its love of dogs, has seen that the Aibo evolve into an autonomous robot it can sell as a family pet. Named the OneOne (code for Aibo v11.0), this new human companion comes with synthetic muscles that will scurry it along roadways guided by GPS with your most precious cargo aboard. Kids and adults both love the OneOne because it doesn’t shed or spring a leak on the carpet, it comes when you call and, well… domestic canines went extinct in 2018 from a botched recall of accidentally poisoned Kibbles ‘N Bits, so this is all we’ve got.

Weirdness Factor (1 – I could buy that today, 10 – OMG WTF): 6

Gallery: 2007 LA Design Challenge: 2057 Nissan OneOne

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Ford GT gets the Geiger-treatment, 0-60 drops to 3.5s

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Click the image above for over 20 more pics.

Germany’s GeigerCars is responsible for some ungainly creations, normally turning up the wick on vehicles that have no business being fast in the first place. But when the firm directs its resources towards exotic American muscle, it’s the automotive equivalent of Henry Kissinger – absolute power corrupting absolutely.

By ditching the stock supercharger and installing an upgraded unit, the Geiger crew was able to increase boost pressure from 0.8-bar (11.6 psi) to 1.25-bar (18 psi). After installing new throttle valves, replacing the air filter, equipping the GT with a new exhaust and remapping the ECU, they were able to bring power levels up to 701 HP and 617 lb.-ft. of torque. 60 now comes up in a scant 3.5 seconds and top speed eclipses the double-century mark by 11 mph.

Keeping the GT from pirouetting at speed is an adjustable suspension that drops the supercar by 60mm over 20-inch wheels wrapped in 245mm tires up front, with 21-inchers swathed in 325s out back. Aside from the new ride height, GiegerCars left the rest of the body unscathed, save the rear bumper that houses new four-inch exhaust tips.

GeigerCars’ full press release is after the jump.

[Source: World Car Fans]

Gallery: GeigerCars Ford GT

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L.A. Auto Show Robocar: 2057 Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow

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click above image for more views of the 2057 Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow

The Car: The 2057 Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow is the most traditional shape we’ve seen so far of the 2007 Design Challenge entrants. It looks like a futuristic car with a super sleek designed inspired by Merc racers of yore. The designers, however, didn’t leave their imaginations at the door, having crafted the SilverArrow from micro-metallic particles that can be arranged by magnetic fields into pre-selected forms kept on the car’s key fob. For easy storage, the entire car can melt into a puddle of metallic goop, only to be reassembled by the power of magnets when you’re ready to drive again.

The Future According to Mercedes-Benz: After the market was flooded with cheap carbon fiber from China in the early 2020s, Mercedes-Benz engineers went on the hunt for a new material that would be exclusive enough for automobiles crowned with the silver star. They found their ingredient when downloading the classic film Terminator 2: Judgment Day into their brains via the NetFlix neural delivery service. Inspired by the T-1000 character’s liquid metal form, Benz engineers went about reverse engineering the technology that came back from 2029 to 1991. Because of their efforts, the world was blessed with liquid metal a few years before it was supposed to be developed by Skynet. Take that future computer overlord!

Weirdness Factor (1 – I can buy that today, 10 – OMG WTF): 4

Gallery: 2007 LA Design Challenge: 2057 Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow

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Jaguar drops X-Type from US lineup

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So anyway, that new 2009 Jaguar X-Type we showed you this morning — the one currently being crucified in the comments? No need to worry: it’s not coming here. On the same day it announced the updated version for the rest of the world, Jaguar has officially pulled the plug on the X-Type in the US. The car’s biggest sales year was 2003 when it was first introduced, and it has not met expectations since. Not even the introduction of the wagon for MY 2005 helped. Of course, perhaps if more people knew the wagon existed in the first place, it might have made somewhat of a difference. I say this as I carry on a parallel IM chat with Neff, who had no idea the wagon was available in the US until about 5 minutes ago. Suffice to say that the estate could have been marketed more effectively. The 2008 model (above) will continue to arrive until March, and after that, the X-Type turns into a pumpkin. You’ll probably be able to snag a nice deal on one at the local Jaguar store, and there’s no shortage of value-priced examples on the used market, either. Jaguar expects the XF to make up for lost sales of both the S- and X-Types when it arrives.

[Source: AutoWeek]


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Wicked CSS Clan Server and hosting in the UK

As many of you know I’m an avid gamer and have been looking for a good gamehosting/server company for a while. Well… I found one.

So I’ve been looking around for a while trying to find a good hosting company for my counterstrike clan – we’ve been looking for a CSS clan server somewhere in the UK that was cheap and fast and haven’t had much luck until now. After spending a while looking around I found a company called UK3X.

I did a bit of research in to them and it turns out that they’re a UK based company. After playing on their public servers for a bit the whole clan got some really low ping times so we went ahead and ordered a server. We’d been worried about actually sorting out the cost for it but they even let us split the cost between the entire clan rather than paying in one go. This is so awesome – saved us having to get everyone’s money up front which would have been a nightmare to organise.

As well as the counter-strike source gaming server we’ve also taken a web hosting package with them and a teamspeak server – costing us only a few pence each a month in reality so can’t complain… so far our pings have been incredibly low and the support guys have been wicked – much better than any other servers we’ve tried.

Moral of the story is if you’re thinking about web hosting, gaming / clan servers or TS2 servers then you should really check out UK3X – they offer all the big games and pretty much anything else. The support guys were excellent sorting everything out so I’ll certainly be using them again.

If you need a good game host or a good place for your website check out

Cheers guys!

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L.A. Auto Show Robocar: 2057 Mazda MotoNari RX

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click above image for full gallery of the 2057 Mazda MotoNari RX

The Car:
The 2057 Mazda MotoNari RX is not so much a car you drive as a mobile suit you wear. Once the driver dons the MotoNari RX, he and the car become virtually indistinguishable. A suit worn by the driver is one interface through which the MotoNari RX can be controlled, while acceleration and turning are handled by two “armrest mounted control points”. Handling appears to be influenced also by the driver’s own body, which can lean into turns like a street luge racer. Mazda claims four omni-wheels can turn the MotoNari RX in any direction.

The Future According to Mazda:
Cars in the future will be designed by Michael Bay and will look like limbs that have been blow off of a Transformer. The Mazda MotoNari RX, for instance, was inspired by Megatron’s foot.

Weirdness Factor (1 – I could buy that today, 10 – OMG WTF): 9

Gallery: 2007 LA Design Challenge: 2057 Mazda MotoNari

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Bullitt Mustang specs thwart possibility of suckage

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The crew over at the MustangBlog procured a copy of the 2008 Mustang Ordering Guide and after combing through the corporate doc they came across all the details of the beloved Bullitt Mustang.

On the outside, color choices will be appropriately limited to Highland Green and Black, while 18-inch Charcoal Satin Finish Euro-Flange rollers frame dark grey brake calipers holding on to Performance-grade Carbon Metallic pads up front. The ‘Stang is dropped by Ford’s Sport Tuned suspension kit that includes new shocks, springs and a stabilizer bar, while a Bullitt emblem faux filler cap, a spoiler delete and a new upper grille, sans Pony badge and fog lamps, completes the exterior adornments.

Performance-wise, the Bullitt gets the Ford Racing Power Pack, although we’re not sure if it’s just limited to the cold-air intake system or if it’s the full monty, including new mass air meter, Ford Racing oil filter and new mufflers. The Bullitt will come equipped with a reflashed ECU, so we’d guess it’s a bit more than just an intake, especially considering that the exhaust comes with 3.5-inch tips. A Ford Racing strut tower brace emblazoned with a serialized label stretches across the engine bay, while out back a 3.73:1 LSD makes sure the extra ponies make it to the ground. Ford decided to nix the space-saver spare in favor of a tire inflation kit, presumably to save weight.

Inside, a black interior with the Sport Leather Seat Appearance package accompanies aluminum accents in the form of a ball shifter, sill plates and pedal covers, while a custom steering wheel is fitted in place of the stock unit.

Now, if we can just get Dodge to release a comparably equipped Charger, we’re going to set the team of Neff and Nunez loose on the streets of S.F.

[Source: MustangBlog]


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Lutz from Oz: Camaro “as awesome as the concept”

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In his latest missive on the Fastlane Blog, GM car czar Bob Lutz checks in after a trip to Australia during which he sampled several new Pontiac G8s (he called the Ponchos “fabulous”), the Buick Park Avenue destined for China, and the Daewoo Veritas, another Holden sedan export. Oh, he also drove other development stuff that’s in the hopper, including the Camaro development prototype. Lutz said that the car, despite being covered in a spy-photog-unfriendly black-and-white camo pattern, looked “as awesome as the concept” and that its power, sound and braking ability were completely in line with his lofty expectations. (That sound you hear is Brenda Priddy boarding a Qantas 747 to Oz.)

He describes the interior as being “remarkable” as well. We recently saw a GM video put together by the design group, in which a simulation of the Camaro startup process is shown from inside the car’s passenger cabin. (It was not an actual car, but a super-high-quality computer simulation). If the interior shown in that video is indeed what’s in store for the production Camaro, Lutz’s use of “remarkable” is not at all out of line, and we’ll all be yammering about it endlessly come January. According to Lutz’s post, the Camaro is intended to be “the finest car in its class, ever.” He’s not doing or saying anything to temper our expectations, and based on what we’ve seen and heard on our own so far, there’s no reason for him to do so.

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

Gallery: Chevy Camaro Concept

Gallery: Camaro Convertible Concept


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L.A. Auto Show Robocar: 2057 Honda 124 Solar Hybrid

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click above image for more views of the 2057 Honda 124

The Car: Based on the assumption that future populations will be redistributed to the suburbs (didn’t that already happen?), Honda’s solution is a commuter car called the 124 (pronounced 1 to the fourth) that’s actually four cars in one. The 124 is kind of the ultimate car for carpooling, as each module comes together to form a whole car that can take advantage of HOV lanes. The whole operation is solar-powered, and Honda claims that a single driver would not own the 124 outright, but that four people would own shares in it. Click here for Honda’s convoluted diagram of how it all works.

The Future According to Honda: In a fit of desperation back in 2025, the people of Earth decided to incinerate their overwhelming amount of garbage by hurtling it at the sun. Aside from freeing up new real estate that once was occupied by landfills, this solution also created sunlight that provides a lot more energy than it did back in 2007 with the added bonus of leather-like tans taking all of five minutes. This has made solar-powered vehicles a reality (finally!). Unfortunately, the municipal cost of launching trash into space means humanity is poor from paying exorbitant taxes. As such, a single family can only afford 1/4th of a real car and must travel in HOV lanes with strangers.

Weirdness Factor (1 – I could buy that today, 10 – OMG WTF): 5

Gallery: 2007 LA Design Challenge: 2057 Honda 124

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Aston Martis DBS voted “Rear of the Year”

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click above image to view more angles of the Aston Martin DBS derriere

The Aston Martin DBS has been voted as having the “Rear of the Year” in a poll conducted for the MPH ’07 car show takes place in early November. It’s J-Lo-esque posterior narrowly beat out the Bugatti Veyron’s bum for the top honor, though when divided by sex, women voters were more attracted to the Bugatti’s butt. The survey was conducted by NewCarNet and attracted the opinion of 1,260 people on the best aft anatomies in the car biz.

It’s hard to disagree with a poll that honors the derriere of an Aston Martin. It’s so admired that modern designs ape it outright, like the Jaguar XK for instance, which men chose as the fourth best booty and women the fifth. The Audi R8 and Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione also ranked highly for their back sides. Coincidentally, the rear of these cars is likely all you’ll ever see if every you encounter one in the wild.

[Source: MPH ’07]


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