Nissan-built Suzuki pickup confirmed

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Nissan is all about collaboration with its competitors, as evident by the rumor today that it could enter into an agreement with Chrysler to co-develop cars, trucks and engines. Japan’s third largest automaker partnered up with Suzuki in 2006, and as Mike Levine from figured out, one big collaboration that has resulted is a new mid-size Suzuki pickup that will be based off of Nissan’s Frontier platform and be built by Nissan at its Smyrna, Tennessee plant. Both automakers have now officially confirmed that they’re working on the truck together, and the only thing left to wonder is when it will debut and what it will be called. Mike Levine again provided us with an educated guess that the truck will show up at the Chicago Auto Show, and based on recent trademark filings by Suzuki, will be called the Equator. We feel compelled to reiterate our initial concern that entering the mid-size truck market is not the best way for Suzuki to continue increasing its sales in North America, as the segment is shrinking at fast pace. Isn’t there a small three-door hatch you’d rather sell in the U.S., Suzuki?

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